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September is National Prepardness Month

"A Time To Remember, A Time To Prepare."

Never Forget September 11, 2001


Whether it's for a single person or several people, Wise Ultimate Prepper Packs contain everything you need for an emergency. Package includes: Entrees, breakfasts, fruits, vegetables, seasoned meats, desserts, drinks, and survival tools. (Tools included in 3 month kits).

1 month and 3 month here


SURVIVALTECHS Emergency & Disaster Readiness Supplies was founded in 2010 in Northern NY as a means for people, families, communities and organizations to prepare for an unexpected emergency or disaster, regardless if it happens at home, at work, on the road, during camping, boating or flying trips. We looked at other businesses involved in this industry and discovered many of them only specialized in one type of product or another, forcing people to search all over to find all the different things they might require to prepare. So we decided to make it easier for people to find everything they need in one place. 

We provide the basic necessities of survival—food and water. However, we also provide medical supplies, a means to purify water from whatever sources there may be available, light, heat and shelter, among other things.

It was a painstaking search to find the companies we represent, and we only wanted to find the best in the business. After all, we have our own families and wouldn’t want to give them any less than the very best. At this time we offer products from Wise Foods, Katadyn, Seychelle Water Systems, Survivor Industries, Adventure Medical Kits and Doulton Filter, and will soon be adding products from other companies. Having all of this under one roof makes us one of the only stores of its kind in the country.

Our criteria for survival products are very demanding, yet very simple. They need to store for extended periods of time, require a minimum amount of storage space, be reliable, easily mobile and accessible, lightweight, and exceed the demands for whatever situations people may face.

  1. Our freeze-dried food products last twenty-five years taste good and contain all the necessary nutrition required.
  2. Our water products supply a clean, good-tasting and healthy source of water anywhere at anytime.
  3. Our medical kits were designed by both physicians and survival experts for easy, effective use and can meet any medical needs.
  4. Our prepared survival kits contain everything needed for a short term emergency.

Many people don’t realize what it takes to prepare for a true emergency, and it can be very daunting to think of what a survival kit should contain. Homemade kits can become very large and heavy, often leaving out things which are necessary and containing things which are not.

At SURVIVALTECHS, we can answer those questions for you and help with preparations. The time when an emergency strikes is not the time to discover you’ve forgotten something or don’t have enough of something else.

We all hope we will never need to use survival products, but to have them if we do. Time after time we have all been witness to emergencies or disasters across the globe. Myself, I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.  After all, it’s a relatively small investment to have a feeling of security and be equipped to take care of those we care about should something go terribly wrong.

Our Mission

There are no second chances during an emergency--no returning faulty equipment or supplies, no going back to the store to purchase something forgotten. What you have on hand is all you have to work with.

At SURVIVALTECHS, it is our goal to ensure our customers have what they need during the worst of times. We have taken painstaking measures to seek out and develop relationships with the most experienced companies in the world so we can offer our customers the most dependable and highest quality products to meet this goal. After all, we have families, friends and neighbors we want to keep safe as well.

It is this concerned and caring attitude we pass along to our customers. There may be some things in life we cannot control, but we promise to do our very best to offer every person who enters our store the resources they may need for a fighting chance to survive an emergency or disaster.

Anything less is not an option.

Live and be well.

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Prices subject to change without notice.